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Work Over

Rig Specs

Rig Challenger -1 (CH-1)

400,000 lb hook load – double stand – SCR powered draw works – hydraulic disc brake + auxiliary brake – cathead –kelly rig – triplex mud pump 800 HP 5000 psi working pressure.

Rig Challenger -5 (CH-5)

300,000 lb hook load – double stand – band brake + auixiliary brake – power swivel – triplex mud pump 500 HP – 5000 psi working pressure.

We provide drilling and workover services for Kuwait Oil Company.

Current projects with KOC

  • Supply of pulling units (550 HP)

  • Supply of workover Rigs(750 HP) for workover operations

We provide our clients with the optimum and latest technology to drill their wells in a safe manner , controlled and optimum environment to ensure that wells are drilled or work over and delivered in best possible standard.